Team GO Rocket invades Pokémon GO!

  • Published on: Thursday, July 25, 2019
  • The world of Pokémon GO is in peril. An organization called Team GO Rocket has invaded PokéStops and is in possession of Shadow Pokémon that behave strangely and seem to be in pain. Team GO Rocket is clearly up to no good, and we need your help! Professor Willow and the team leaders have been hard at work observing and researching these happenings with Team GO Rocket, and they’ve come up with a plan to restore the PokéStops and rescue the Shadow Pokémon!

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  • Cosmic Ruins

    Cosmic Ruins

     1 weeks ago

    Best Pokémon Discord Server

  • Heidi


     1 weeks ago

    Please can they come more often i need then

  • Akhila Talanjeri

    Akhila Talanjeri

     1 weeks ago

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  • Enoch Shawn Chen 陳 頌 恩

    Enoch Shawn Chen 陳 頌 恩

     2 weeks ago

    Does anybody like the battle style? I feel like if it was the same battle play as the original games I would play more. I've since stopped playing

  • Maciej Wisiorowski

    Maciej Wisiorowski

     2 weeks ago

    O fot pokemon go is nicer bat its crippy

  • jms fvh

    jms fvh

     3 weeks ago

    niantic here has no pokestop and no one and level 40 please pokestop here in the bastions

  • Lissa Van Den Heuvel

    Lissa Van Den Heuvel

     3 weeks ago +1

    im pokemon go player

  • Mr. Jay

    Mr. Jay

     4 weeks ago

    This is not good

  • Frankie Spencer

    Frankie Spencer

     1 months ago

    This game is so unfair for small towners in Asia. #fuckyoupokemongo

  • Edinho Menezes

    Edinho Menezes

     1 months ago

    Meu código de treinador vamos fazer amizade 🍃❤😉🤙💥

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  • Frizzn McKrauser

    Frizzn McKrauser

     1 months ago

    please Nianitc, stop making pogo videos that looks like ingress...Ingress sucks!! and its style too

  • joao victor leocadio

    joao victor leocadio

     1 months ago

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  • joao victor leocadio

    joao victor leocadio

     1 months ago

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  • maisa leblac

    maisa leblac

     1 months ago

    please out pokemon silvally on raids

  • Brandon Niette

    Brandon Niette

     1 months ago

    Yeah I have had a iPhone 6s for 5 years and I have never had a problem with the app but I switch over to a Android phone and the app is not working properly and my Avatar is not moving when I walk and it doesn't have a map of my surroundings and I have done everything I can to get it fixed but I guess it doesn't like Android phone only iPhone

  • Victor Bredun

    Victor Bredun

     1 months ago

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  • Keerti Rajput

    Keerti Rajput

     1 months ago

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  • Calvin wolf

    Calvin wolf

     1 months ago

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  • Aline pires

    Aline pires

     1 months ago

    Seu f********** que criou o Pokémon go Vai tomar no teu c* seu f********** não consigo jogar porque a f**********

  • Agus Gunawan

    Agus Gunawan

     1 months ago

    My trainer code - 1418 1087 2134