I Rented Really Expensive Cameras Just To Talk To Arin Hanson

  • Published on: Thursday, July 25, 2019
  • I had a serious sit down and chat with Arin Hanson
    Arin: https://twitter.com/egoraptor
    Shot and Edited by Tucker Prescott:

    Talking With A Youtube Therapist:

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    Source: https://youtu.be/p9_ZzX-qnic


  • GameGrumps


     6 months ago +18803

    now this is an epic gamer moment

  • Leah L

    Leah L

     4 days ago +1

    Whooooooa! Jacksepticeye looks 40 years old! Are you okay? Sweet sweet boy I hope you are happy and healthy

  • Jordan Grimett

    Jordan Grimett

     1 weeks ago

    Oh it's like a MOVING TRUCK 0:40 ,well duh of course it is

  • gwendolyn graziano

    gwendolyn graziano

     1 weeks ago


    love you guys.
    you guys are my heroes...

  • Cpektir


     1 months ago

    Just wanted to say.... About what you had to say Jacksepticeye... About feeling miserable and lonely and not having anyone to connect with.... Thats why you started making youtube videos and you said you needed a creative outlet....it was all very relatable and inspirational and I want to thank you for opening up about it because it was exactly what I needed to hear.

  • Dente Lupus

    Dente Lupus

     1 months ago

    hey guys i love you and the content you make, i hope you never get to far into making things for others. i hope you guys make things you enjoy and in turn gain a following that love you guys for you

    live long, and enjoy yourselves.

  • Lionel Gardiner

    Lionel Gardiner

     2 months ago

    Who remembers when they played pinball together?

  • Bronstantine


     2 months ago

    Arin: At what point did you feel that way?

    He can be my therapist anyday.

  • Ronald Alexander

    Ronald Alexander

     2 months ago

    Jacksepticeye (25M Subs): OMG I'm a huge fan nice to meet you!
    Arin (5M Subs): Yeah I guess I've heard of you... Move to LA and then we'll talk bro...

  • Amanda Boring

    Amanda Boring

     2 months ago +1

    I just love this so much. Two guys just being real and having decent conversation. It's seems very tranquil and stress free.

    I'm in a point in my life where it's barely even beginning, I am still trying to graduate from high school, from homeschool. And I've been stuck in this major mental rut where the past year or two I completely lost my motivation in school and with my personal life. I go through each day feeling lost, depressed, uninspired. And I just stay indoors all day and do nothing productive. And it depresses me more and I go through this cycle that never stops. And I'm still trying to break that cycle and get the motivation and inspiration back. But, I learned that it's going to take time and hard work from myself. And these kind of videos that Seàn does that are laid back and real bring me back down to Earth, that remind myself to breathe and reflect.

    Thank you guys for this! It helps me more than you can possibly realize.💕

  • InfiniteSkiegh


     2 months ago +1

    Am I the only one that wants like a weekly or monthly podcast of this?

  • SytherOnYT


     2 months ago

    Arin sounds like a dad

  • eetu marttinen

    eetu marttinen

     3 months ago

    What about dan?

  • Chubby Nerd

    Chubby Nerd

     3 months ago +1

    Arin: I was top of your morning...

    Me: thinks dirty thoughts

    Jack: You were top of my list...

    Me: Thinks about 18+ Shrek fanfiction

  • Bored Bored

    Bored Bored

     3 months ago

    Jack: I want to interview arin
    Arin:*interviews jack*

  • Princess Peach

    Princess Peach

     3 months ago

    Did nobody else notice the camera man is fully nude?????

  • Dr B

    Dr B

     3 months ago

    tbh, I clicked this video after watching the Brad Pitt interview bc I thought Arin Hanson was Ben Robson (Kalf from the show Vikings) lol

  • Jay Carr

    Jay Carr

     3 months ago

    It's really interesting getting to see Arin like this. Usually on Game Grumps Arin kinda defers to Dan when it comes to deeper discussion (well, that and Dan is really enthusiastic about those sorts of topics). But here, Arin is definitely getting a chance to talk about some deeper stuff. Really enjoyed it, felt like I learned some things :)

  • sleepy_elle


     3 months ago

    is jack purposefully speaking in an american accent sometimes or is his irish accent softened while he’s in LA

  • hangmans daughter

    hangmans daughter

     3 months ago

    This was so nice and sincere! They deserve all the love in the world