Building a Toyota MR2 in 15 minutes!

  • Published on: Friday, November 22, 2019
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    What a transformation it has been! From a pile of junk, to an absolute show stopper of a MR2. What is your favorite modification? Comment down Below.

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  • throtl


     2 months ago +61

    Shop the NEW MR2 themed Merch DROP! (LIVE NOW!) --

  • alex39


     1 hours ago

    So how much would this build cost to a costumer?

  • Turbo Sicko

    Turbo Sicko

     1 hours ago


  • HALO 908

    HALO 908

     1 hours ago +1

    anyone know what year it is

  • Mac Heathen

    Mac Heathen

     3 hours ago

    Thought you gave this car away? Saw it in your latest 350z build. What gives? I entered to win it and was shocked to still see it in your shop long after the give away deadline!

  • Michael Guilus

    Michael Guilus

     3 hours ago

    It looks so smooth

  • 67rockz


     13 hours ago

    I have a toyota on car parking
    And i make the same 😂

  • Phúc Nguyễn Xuân

    Phúc Nguyễn Xuân

     18 hours ago

    Em cung muốn có một chiếc

  • DBCSgaming


     1 days ago

    Love these cars 🚙 shame it wasn’t a turbo

  • A.J.Lance


     1 days ago

    What engine is that the v6

  • Geordano Arriaga

    Geordano Arriaga

     1 days ago

    how much $$

  • Norben Fernandez

    Norben Fernandez

     1 days ago

    excuse my ignorance, but what are the front lights of that type called

  • Ярослав Лайв

    Ярослав Лайв

     1 days ago

    This engine is dirty inside, one of the covers shows the presence of varnish deposits from oil. Why do so much, but do not disassemble or wash the motor parts inside? There may be wear on the pistons and cylinder walls inside. Would you even replace valve seals?

  • kral çıplak

    kral çıplak

     1 days ago

    Gavur yapiyor bizde izliyoruz



     2 days ago

    Really clean build! thumbs up guys!

  • carlos alvarenga

    carlos alvarenga

     2 days ago

    Amazing guys. So beautiful MR2.

  • Cameron Nicol

    Cameron Nicol

     2 days ago

    Can I have this

  • Nacho Vidal

    Nacho Vidal

     2 days ago

    What an amazing video!
    Out of interest at 10:49 what does he use to weld with...never seen anything like it before!

  • Poleslaw the Brave

    Poleslaw the Brave

     2 days ago

    Love the car and love the skill set you guys have..beyond awesome!

  • johntruttero


     2 days ago

    Total cost of build ?
    Just the cost of labour of four guys going at it for weeks if not months would be eye watering 😭 before the cost of parts are added.