DDG - WHY/ARGUMENTS PT. 2 (Official Music Video)

  • Published on: Thursday, November 7, 2019
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    Video Director: @LewisYouNasty

    (C) 2019 DDG Entertainment, Inc., under exclusive license to Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment.

    Source: https://youtu.be/mQW5GoGMONo


  • Aaron Butts

    Aaron Butts

     2 hours ago


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    Annette The Encourager

     3 hours ago

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  • Bianca Alvarez

    Bianca Alvarez

     5 hours ago

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  • Asha Chung

    Asha Chung

     6 hours ago

    Love u guys 😍

  • aPickleRektYou


     7 hours ago

    I found out about DDG after people said B Lou was better than him

  • Tmt James

    Tmt James

     7 hours ago

    His songs should more faster paste

  • BDizzLe


     10 hours ago +2

    Who's here Before this song hits 2million.! Caus it's gonna surpass that I'd say 8milliin first month but his aulbum streams srenuo man for DEzbUT one year in he's richer n better and has own record labelmat 22 dotn forget that

  • Tadeo Montana

    Tadeo Montana

     11 hours ago

    Everyone strolling thur the comments I hope you become rich one day πŸ’› I’m a small YouTuber and would love support

  • god sosa

    god sosa

     11 hours ago

    It’s DDG πŸ”₯😀

  • Matt -

    Matt -

     15 hours ago +1

    DDG, have you paid the money that you owe Destroying yet? Nobody likes a liar or a thief.

  • L.J.S. vLoGs

    L.J.S. vLoGs

     15 hours ago

    You guys should go sub to my channel

  • Alexis Samarra

    Alexis Samarra

     16 hours ago

    I wonder whos grave he putting flowers at tho😭 they prolly like uhhhhh who are you??πŸ‘€πŸ˜­

  • JKjamie._.jermiahJK Henderson

    JKjamie._.jermiahJK Henderson

     16 hours ago

    I know ddg stand for diss devil god

  • Dark Intensity

    Dark Intensity

     16 hours ago

    Your tradh

  • BDizzLe


     19 hours ago +2

    Dude has millions in the bank

  • BDizzLe


     19 hours ago +2

    Not about MONEY SEX CARS, DRUGS PUSSY he speaking really life problems n shit no meidocre foreal DDG just made his own Label and signed already his first artist lmao frfr

  • BDizzLe


     19 hours ago +1


  • BDizzLe


     19 hours ago +1

    I don't understand how this even has 2.1k dislikes but everyone always gonna hate no matter wat nobody is never satisfied πŸ’― πŸ’ͺ keep goin strong bro after this take a break and let ur aulbum numbers climb and make music videos and u can easily make all them music videos hit a million easy ...

  • chopchop theboss

    chopchop theboss

     1 days ago +1

    I don't listen to ddg but he beast he makes good music I like this song straight fact. I been listening to since came out. my guy talented asf. he a YouTuber plus music. in all reality I think his the best YouTuber that does music. my opinion if on negative shx don't reply

  • Dorsaida Swift

    Dorsaida Swift

     1 days ago +1

    These Tears Tho πŸ˜­πŸ˜©πŸ’”