making and eating korean fire noodles

  • Published on: Thursday, July 25, 2019
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  • Kasey O'Dea

    Kasey O'Dea

     4 hours ago

    @julien all out apps next week

  • annie


     2 days ago +1

    okay guys i was a translator in korea and the spoon is literally a rough spoonful using a korean spoon, which is slightly different than a western spoon. about a tablespoon tho.

  • Victoria Ko

    Victoria Ko

     3 days ago

    That pronunciation

  • Soph!


     3 days ago

    He’s like a chaotic white version of Jun’s kitchen

  • Sleepyone444 Yes

    Sleepyone444 Yes

     6 days ago

    Julien: My camera man’s a robot

    Andrew has left the chat

  • ode to ross

    ode to ross

     1 weeks ago

    i actually rly enjoy fire noodles :) they're not that bad

  • Areti Sfdondyli

    Areti Sfdondyli

     1 weeks ago

    you should definitely collab with babish

  • Andrew Doan

    Andrew Doan

     1 weeks ago

    Julien under estimated how Korean chili products

  • Vespene Protoss

    Vespene Protoss

     1 weeks ago

    Wait is that camera really self-tracking or is it just a person holding a camera?

  • Nicole Palacsko

    Nicole Palacsko

     1 weeks ago

    Where is Wei Wuxian when you need him >_>

  • Daniel Markham

    Daniel Markham

     1 weeks ago

    Your girlfriend is extremely annoying and ugly.

  • Orania Hiccup

    Orania Hiccup

     1 weeks ago


  • acowinthebarn


     2 weeks ago

    so like....where did ur camera man go in later episodes

  • Mariya Shi

    Mariya Shi

     2 weeks ago +1

    Make Russian Vegan Borsch!

  • Dorene Spirz

    Dorene Spirz

     2 weeks ago

    Excellent Camara work!

  • Ravyn Woods

    Ravyn Woods

     2 weeks ago

    I like to make literally everything I eat spicy. Challenge accepted.

  • Alter Toko

    Alter Toko

     2 weeks ago

    Julien is the chaotic good, dad of youtube, trying to keep with the trends 😂

  • Kevin Espino

    Kevin Espino

     2 weeks ago

    LMAO 😂 ALOHA 🌴

  • Solala.Lana


     3 weeks ago

    its like you see me over here torturing myself by watching this (because I'm starving) an then you offer to give me the rest

  • Yadira Soriano

    Yadira Soriano

     3 weeks ago

    I know this is an old video but where did he find gluten free ramen noodles 🤔