I Got A Japanese Lolita Fashion Makeover

  • Published on: Saturday, July 20, 2019
  • So we traveled to East Asia to film a six-part series about beauty, style, and shopping - and we’re coming in hot with episode 2 about Japanese Street Fashion Subcultures! Japan has some very iconic and unique Harajuku-centric fashion subcultures, and Lolita style has always fascinated me - so we decided to do a deep dive into the poofy, frilly, pastel style! What do you think of my final look?

    A huge thanks to RinRin for helping us! You can check her out here:
    IG: https://www.instagram.com/rinrindoll/
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/rinrindoll
    English Channel: https://www.onclips.net/channel/UCU8_LMvzzqBXNL-KXuE-D_w

    You can check out the stores featured here:
    Abilletage: https://www.instagram.com/abilletage/
    Atelier Pierrot: https://www.instagram.com/atelier_pierrot/
    Angelic Pretty: https://www.instagram.com/angelicpretty_official/
    Chantegram: https://www.instagram.com/chantegram_official/
    Q Pot Cafe: https://www.instagram.com/qpot_official/

    Items Worn & Not Listed In The Video:
    Abilletage - Corset Over Knee Socks Side Lace-up
    Abilletage - Noir Croix Corset
    Abilletage - Corset Tights Victorian

    Atelier Pierrot - Volume Pannier
    System 'id' - Graceful Lace Aliceband (Headband)
    modifica - Morpho Necklace
    Gothic Holic - Fluttering Butterfly Clip Small/Medium

    Angelic Pretty - Cute Ribbon Wrist Cuffs
    Angelic Pretty - Love Heart Logo Pochette
    Angelic Pretty - Laced-up Ribbon Overknee Socks

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    Twitter: https://twitter.com/safiyajn
    Facebook: fb.com/safnygaard/

    This video is NOT sponsored! We paid for all clothing items ourselves, but Chantegram did provide their styling service for free.

    Assistant Editors: Emily Linden & Josie Latino

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    Source: https://youtu.be/WUjVPIEtJd0


  • Safiya Nygaard

    Safiya Nygaard

     4 months ago +21821

    HELLO FRIENDS!! happy saturday! here is the next episode of our east asia series - hope you guys enjoy it! what did u think of the makeover?? xoxo, saf

  • TheMrWillje


     8 minutes ago

    It's a kinda cool style, but the name makes me uncomfortable

  • Seeriousli


     40 minutes ago

    i so want to do my makeup like that its so pretty and different

  • Zo_KittyCat_237 n_n

    Zo_KittyCat_237 n_n

     3 hours ago

    I don't like the ones that have a really high waist line

  • Elsie Carreno

    Elsie Carreno

     7 hours ago

    I've seen that mask before In a different YouTubers video

  • Aischen Goldworm

    Aischen Goldworm

     7 hours ago

    Omg. Her voice and personality are my Social Studies teacher😂

  • Amber stone

    Amber stone

     9 hours ago

    If I wore this in my town I would probably get raped in a back alley somewhere ... I really want to get into this style for fun...but I don’t wanna get raped.

  • Darth Pug

    Darth Pug

     9 hours ago

    Marie Antoinette lowkey bootylicous

  • Shandra Barnett

    Shandra Barnett

     11 hours ago

    Tall girl who?

  • Morgan LoneWolf

    Morgan LoneWolf

     14 hours ago

    The eyepatch look reminded me of ceil phantomhive from black butler

  • Ramya Rulz

    Ramya Rulz

     15 hours ago

    I thought she said “ok, let’s rob this up”

  • Atara Schwab

    Atara Schwab

     16 hours ago +1

    hi were doing a school project on japanese culture and we can pick literally any topic (i mean anything, there are kids doing pokemon and anime lmao) and i chose to do japanese/tokyo street fashion. your videos have been so helpful, and the amount of detail and effort you put into your videos is outstanding. thank you so much!!

  • Rhiannon Lynn

    Rhiannon Lynn

     18 hours ago

    13:08 -- Yes, VERY Elizabeth Swann! Just need a handsome Will Turner around to practise swordfighting with.. ;)

  • Mariana Blazquez

    Mariana Blazquez

     18 hours ago

    Loll I was watching trying out vintage wedding dresses and I accidentally clicked on their without realize if it and I was very confused hahahahah

  • Ev Torresani

    Ev Torresani

     21 hours ago

    Wonderful content, beautifully done! I am so happy to have come across your channel.

  • Yumna Ilayna

    Yumna Ilayna

     1 days ago

    I want to be a Lolita :3 wait do they have loli makeup

  • Mohanee Kim

    Mohanee Kim

     1 days ago

    I want to go there :((

  • Lilian Vuong

    Lilian Vuong

     1 days ago +1

    How many times she said “Lolita”

  • Starlit.Cosplay


     1 days ago

    It would be so cool if it came out today because it’s my birthday!-

  • Michelle Reads

    Michelle Reads

     1 days ago

    Love this!