The future of the American mall

  • Published on: Saturday, November 30, 2019
  • Almost 1,700 stores inside malls closed in 2018, according to Bank of America, and so far this year, closings have reached more than 4,000. But one company believes it has found a way to reverse the trend. The enormous American Dream mall in East Rutherford, New Jersey, will have a lot more than just stores behind its walls when it fully opens next year. Nikki Battiste reports.

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  • tim chan

    tim chan

     6 hours ago

    17 years to built a mall:park??? Thats a fail

  • Mrs. Johnson

    Mrs. Johnson

     2 days ago

    Eyesore?! Sounds like a first world problem!!! This place looks like its going to be awesome! Ive never had the opportunity to go skiing, or visit New York, & its all indoors, so no concerns about weather outside when planning a trip to visit! Wow. I would love to have a chance to go there! Imagine if you lived in New York & could visit more than once a year?! Very cool in my opinion!

  • bloodheart 1970

    bloodheart 1970

     5 days ago

    That's a revival of the "Old Chicago" indoor amusement park from Bolingbrook, Il

  • Robin Cavicante

    Robin Cavicante

     5 days ago

    When property taxes soar so does the rent that a mall hold's on certain type of businesses and neither a corporation that own's a business would want to pay a higher rent. Or maybe a individual state has rent control raise rent.

  • Andre Barnes

    Andre Barnes

     5 days ago

    In my opinion they should have built this somewhere else. New York City has lots of shopping and attractions. I dont see alot of people going over to Jersey just to go here especially if your on vacation to visit New York from somewhere else. It depends if people will have the time. Now I do see alot of locals going to this mall though.🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Be


     5 days ago

    Anyone else catch the century 21 store she said? A real estate company store? Sounds fun!

  • Rain Falls

    Rain Falls

     5 days ago

    It's very sad seeing American malls are closing everywhere. Maybe this will survive since people still need to shop.

  • Erwin Sabilala

    Erwin Sabilala

     6 days ago

    Believe me..

    Philippines have that style before but in a smaller scale until now its strong even there are online services..

  • indonesian cat holic

    indonesian cat holic

     1 weeks ago +1

    This is brilliant. Entertainment can't be experienced in "online malls".

  • ZeeGeeJay


     1 weeks ago

    Is it really an eyesore though? I think it looks fine. It's not breathtaking in its architecture but it really does look fine. People of that town will have job opportunities.

  • 34hr RESET SHOW

    34hr RESET SHOW

     1 weeks ago

    That mayor is so small minded

  • Scootintiki


     1 weeks ago

    Nikki Battiste 🥰

  • Kit Coffey

    Kit Coffey

     2 weeks ago

    Malls are not public space. Where's the space for people to not have to spend money to be able to be there? Where's the ability to just be there for free and maybe have meetings or associate freely, peaceably assemble? The powers that be love privatized spaces. Public, accessible, walkable spaces are key to democracy. Not spaces we have to pay to be in.

  • Kit Coffey

    Kit Coffey

     2 weeks ago +1

    No one in NYC or visiting NYC is going to schlep out here to shop.
    I predict it'll keep changing hands and losing money.

    I'm available to consult.

  • Emmanuel Gerzon

    Emmanuel Gerzon

     2 weeks ago

    Someday SM Mall will gonna open in the US

  • Tp L

    Tp L

     2 weeks ago

    Online shopping is a can't try clothes on,,you don't know if it fits or not,,you don't know if it will arrive or not 😒 damn that

  • Joy


     2 weeks ago

    The TMNT Shellraiser coaster shown at the beginning is also the steepest coaster in the world!! 🎢

  • Vikinggirl


     2 weeks ago

    Hopefully this will work.

  • Actuality Chicken

    Actuality Chicken

     2 weeks ago

    She said century 21 and H&M. I think she meant forever 21 😂

  • Calvin Wong

    Calvin Wong

     2 weeks ago

    what .. 15 years to build a mall? can it meet the time to market with those ideas that like 10 years ago!!