Motley Crue's Word is Dirt With 2020 Reunion Tour

  • Published on: Friday, November 22, 2019
  • Many artists have declared "farewell" or hit the road for "final tours", only to return again for another payday. However, NONE of them have gone to the extent of Motley Crue in letting their "respected" fans know just how "serious" they were about it.

    How serious? First of all, Crue wanted to make it absolutely clear they weren't embarking on a "farewell" tour specifically because those are reserved for bands who continually "rip off" their fans by returning to the stage.

    To make sure they didn't fall into this lame category, they decided to hold an elaborate press conference and sign a contract making it legally "impossible" for them to go back on their word. Well, that is...unless all 4 members agreed.

    But even if everyone WAS eagerly on-board with doing "10 shows for a million a pop", their respect for the fans and PRIDE in the band name "alone would stop it". Plus, they'd have "so much egg" on their faces if they ever made such an improbable move.

    Well guys, I guess the "yolks on you".

    And that goes for the fans too... how many of them bought tickets to their final shows thinking it was literally the end of the band? How many fans spent thousands of dollars on expensive meet and greet packages figuring it was very last time they'd ever get such an opportunity?

    Even though I'm not a "Cruehead" or diehard fan, I bought a ticket on that final tour back in 2015 thinking to myself, "hey, why not, this could be it." I can't remember why I didn't get to go but I can assure you it'll never happen again.

    And, I should clarify, it's not just because lead singer, Vince Neil, makes Paul Stanley of KISS sound like Luciano Pavarotti. Seriously Neil, call Paul and see how much he charges to rent out his KISS Karaoke machine. Neil is actually the only singer I can think of who would RESTORE his dignity by singing to a track.

    Aside from that, the other reason why I wouldn't spend another dime on Motley Clowns is because they have ZERO dignity or integrity and seem pretty proud of it too. Not only did they promise fans they were done and repeatedly doubled-down with ridiculous claims (free shows if they return!), but they've pretty much built their careers on obnoxious behavior, bullshit stories, exaggerations and downright lies.

    Earlier this year, Nikki Sixx was questioned about a not-so-funny story from their now infamous book, "The Dirt", where he recounts a time when he "pretty much had" raped a woman along with Tommy Lee in a closet. Of course, when pressed about it, Sixx doesn't remember the story at all, even declaring he was so messed up on drugs that he shouldn't have even given those interviews for the book in the first place and indicated many of those stories were either embellished or or made up entirely.

    Of course their new hit biopic on Netflix, "The Dirt", was based on stories from the book and goes even further down the rabbit hole of twisting the truth for Hollywood until what you're basically left with are just caricatures of something real.

    And THIS is why the Motley Clowns are breaking their promise to the fans, because so many of them have bought into all their lies and bullshit hook, line and stinker.

    In this video, I dismantle Crue and shed light on the whole farewell "business" and let you know who that label should TRULY be reserved for.

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  • Private Citizen Guy

    Private Citizen Guy

     5 days ago

    Shut up, hater!

  • Lars Nilsson

    Lars Nilsson

     3 weeks ago

    Well spoken, totally agree! Everything about this "reunion" is complete crap! Tommy Lee said in 2015; "We kind of done it all..." What about all statements they have made, it ain´t worth a shit. I kind of liked what they did, signed a contract, not to tour again as Mötley Crue and now they are going to do it all over again. It´s good that they show respect for they who saw them in Staples Center, New Years Eve, 2015. Farewell tour, not even as a joke.

  • steve k.

    steve k.

     1 months ago

    Despite loving their music they are all fucking superficial prick$.As long as the fishes will bite the baits they will keep rolling the ball as simple as that-they are businesse$,all money oriented only!!.thats why anything these bands have done musically in the last 20 years=total shit but they tour,,

  • montecarlostar


     1 months ago

    Great research as always, Ant. I'm glad I didn't watch that crappy biopic. I couldn't care less about their fucked up lives (or what they pretend them to be). I still like their music, but will stick to the records.

  • Juan Martinez

    Juan Martinez

     1 months ago

    Fuck them.
    Crue sucks.!!

  • Hotwired PC

    Hotwired PC

     1 months ago

    Are you sure they ever had any pride or dignity?

  • sarah Reding

    sarah Reding

     1 months ago

    I thought they were ok back in the early 90’s but NOW HELL NO it’s like ( RIP) Whitney Houston during n after her crack is whack days in Australia. Nikki is juicing this rehab off dope in the ground, it’s like making him money talking of his sobriety. They are all full of it. I would like to see Def Lep& Joan but Poisonous Crue can stay retired. That vid of Vince singing Jesus sounded horrible.

  • sarah Reding

    sarah Reding

     1 months ago

    I think it’s funny you saying the band is DIRT AND I AGREE... IF VINCE CAN BRING HIS INHALER AND THEY MISS THERE MONEY! That money gets good to them!!

  • goops1071


     1 months ago

    Amen brother. They’ve got no pride going back on that. I reckon it’s an attention thing for Nikki & Tommy - they can’t resist the love they’re getting online from a new younger generation discovering them from the movie. Check out those two’s instagram pages, they post as though they’re teenagers desperate to be liked. For Vince I’d say it’s just a smart business decision as he tours solo anyway. And with Mick he probably just wants to play and keep active doing something that he knows he can do.

  • Robert Bailey

    Robert Bailey

     1 months ago

    Am I the only 1 that knows how to read? Or the only one that has seen the contract?? God you are all dumb as hell READ THE DUMB THING YOU FOOLS 😫😫😫😫

  • M K

    M K

     1 months ago

    I am ashamed of what this says about me for ever believing in them or being there for them. Biggest mistake ever. I would have been much better off running away from home as a teen, than immersing myself in this garbage.
    Actually the entertainment industry as a whole to me operates with shame. It is like working a corporate office times 10.
    As an adult who has witnesses a lot behind closed doors in this world, I have felt belittled, lied to, and taken advantage of. Our need in this world for power, recognition, and money has gone waaaayyyy to far. I miss the innocence of just wanting something to do on a Saturday night, to go and hear music. That part of my life will never be the same. I blame myself not these guys. They need help. Take it from me, it ain't gonna happen till they are damn good and ready, and that may be too late. I guarantee you if you try to do anything at all, your version ain't good enough.

  • Tim Harris

    Tim Harris

     1 months ago

    I am a die hard crue fan. Yet I have to agree with you. I also think your video is dead on. The dirt movie has many contradictions from what they have said or wrote in the past. The timelines on the movie are also inaccurate. Even tho I'm a crue fan the dirt movie in my opinion sucks. I'm torn on the touring as I do like them but yes they sound like shit live. The music has to be up loud to cover the vocals and vince cant sing at all anymore. I like the music but have lost respect for them as humans for all the lies and the manipulative bs to fans.. I'm not going to go on a tangent but will say you now have a new subscriber great video. Nothing you said false

  • Steve Weiser

    Steve Weiser

     1 months ago

    How come no band that I know of thus far has just done a "We're Not Going To Stop Making New Music Regardless Of How It Sounds Or Touring Til Long After We Are Dead Because We Want To Keep Milking Your Titty" tour? Would be much more simple and honest, too!

  • vinnie peters

    vinnie peters

     1 months ago

    I saw Kiss on their farewell tour back in June of 2000. I stop paying attention to them since. And I stop being a fan. That whole situation is discussing and pathetic. When a band or an artist does this shit, they lose me as a fan.

  • john44v1


     1 months ago

    I’ll be glad to see a Motley Crue show regardless of what has been said or done. The band members are not my moral compass. I don’t need them to be angels. I love hard rock and as a bonus crue are a part of a larger touring group full of acts I might not pay and travel to go see independently.
    Frankly I never believed the contract. Saw it as a stunt and hoped that they would find each other again before mick died to tour so I could catch another Motley Crue show.
    Best thing about Motley Crue for me has always been the act. The spectacles of their stage and antics. The effort they put into entertaining us and themselves. I’m looking forward to this summer in part because Motley Crue and friends are a part of it and I wish them well.
    Thanks to Sixx,Vince, mick and Tom for having the balls to get out there again in consideration of and despite all the bs stunts and haters and old age.......

  • Vintage Vinyl Vets

    Vintage Vinyl Vets

     1 months ago +1

    We didn’t see the Farewell Tour because the last time we saw them, Vince forgot the lyrics AND off key. So we certainly won’t see them now. Loved the band in its day, but now....we’ll we’ve just flat out lost respect.🎧

  • DrPsychedelic


     1 months ago +5

    Retire please... this band is no longer relevant

  • Motleymick


     1 months ago

    Dude, Great Video. You made all the points that I've been ranting about. Nikki Sixx is a fucking liar time and time again. The name of this tour should be the Motley Crue Money Grab Tour. Cause that's all that it is. MC is getting 2,000,000.00 per show. Half a Mill each for the same old songs they've been playing for 30+ years. First show is in Miami July 7th 2020 so Vince has about 7 months to learn the lyrics and drop 40 pounds.

  • Ivan C

    Ivan C

     1 months ago +1

    Wait did I just see priest and ozzy going on tour????

  • nadimsawaya


     1 months ago LOL!