6 White People vs 1 Secret Black Person

  • Published on: Sunday, November 17, 2019
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    Source: https://youtu.be/PXsZntwnArQ


  • Alea Warking

    Alea Warking

     1 hours ago

    the title sounds like a nazis horror story

  • Leagai Tala

    Leagai Tala

     1 hours ago

    Mariah's not latina?

  • K1NG R3D

    K1NG R3D

     1 hours ago

    Clayton bigsby would know as soon as she walked in the box

  • itsnick 3134

    itsnick 3134

     2 hours ago

    Now you can tell who is lying

  • Cat Squad

    Cat Squad

     2 hours ago

    Straight up I would've just said let me smell you and the black girl would have easily stood out lol yay I win hahahahaaa

  • Latham Carter

    Latham Carter

     2 hours ago

    She’s black but all of them went of cultural things. Tbh she grew up white. She’s culturally white.

  • Ron Matson

    Ron Matson

     2 hours ago

    How does kylie sound blacker than mariah?

  • Bruce Cain

    Bruce Cain

     2 hours ago

    I wonder who the Black person is?

  • Timothy Wyant

    Timothy Wyant

     2 hours ago

    How does one talk white ...

  • satoshi2oll


     3 hours ago

    I’m so happy that she won.

  • LecrdGamer


     3 hours ago +1

    10:30 why she throwin up gang/hand signals

  • DoubtlessCar0


     3 hours ago

    Wow! She was the black one!

  • The_GreaT_W_


     3 hours ago

    Mariah isso ignorant



     3 hours ago

    2:06 her: i’m kylie-


  • Jim Raynor

    Jim Raynor

     4 hours ago

    Anyone binge watching these?

  • Owen McAnuff

    Owen McAnuff

     4 hours ago

    Mariah literally just disagrees with anything anyone says

  • Nothing Matters

    Nothing Matters

     4 hours ago

    I can't tell who's black 🤔

  • Sh0wty_queenz z

    Sh0wty_queenz z

     5 hours ago

    Same gurl I was adopted to

  • Chiefusyeephus


     5 hours ago

    7:43 Anna got cake

  • DP_ 28

    DP_ 28

     5 hours ago

    I like how the white people drag down their own race. This whole video is anti-white. I don’t think whites are superior to any other race and I think we are equal. But you shouldn’t need to feel ashamed of being the way you were born.