Zach's Surprise $2,500 Home Office Makeover • Try DIY

  • Published on: Wednesday, July 24, 2019
  • Watch Ned & Ariel work their magic again! This time, the Try DIY fairy godparents are here to make Zach and Maggie's wish for a stunning home office come true! Bippity boppity BOOPS!✨

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  • The Try Guys

    The Try Guys

     4 months ago +9625

    Hey guys! It's Zach here! I’ve collected tons of random boops n’ bops over the years, but never knew what to do with them. This video actually helped me figure out how to highlight the things I love and part with the things just taking up space. I didn’t throw away anything I loved. Some stuff got water damage in storage (like my Eternal Sunshine VHS and Lion King copy) and was actually just garbage taking up space lol. All the toys now have cute & prime placement around the house for the first time ever☺️ Maggie did such an incredible job putting the rest of our place together and making it somewhere we both felt represented and comfy. We love our place. Also the video creates a false dichotomy between our stuff - I was involved in decorating with every room. But for the office it was really important to me to step up and show that I was equally invested in making our apartment a home <3 -Zach

  • hillerepera


     2 hours ago

    Unfortunately that diy looks like it's sagging at 14:52 :(

  • No No

    No No

     2 hours ago

    I love that they have a burn book @ 7:34

  • Morgan McColl

    Morgan McColl

     16 hours ago +5

    Why are some of his boops and bops so freaking cool though

  • Lynnae Strait

    Lynnae Strait

     1 days ago +11

    The comment at 8:04 isn’t really that bad and sounds more like a joke. The greater problem I had was this running idea that Zach’s taste in decorating is inferior and that Maggie’s happiness with the space trumps Zach’s.

  • Mya Kinard

    Mya Kinard

     1 days ago +5

    Do you guys think that Maggie watches The Walking Dead.

  • cactus witch

    cactus witch

     1 days ago +25

    This video kind of pisses me off. So far it’s the try guys having to throw away their geeky things to please their girlfriends or wives. To call Zach stuff stupid was really rude.

  • CoRSON Cheung

    CoRSON Cheung

     1 days ago +16

    CANNOT WAIT to see them transform Eugene and his boyfriend's house - that is of course if they ever need refurnishing - and if he has a boyfriend. Yeah I just want to see Eugene having a boyfriend.

  • Loch Marysiana

    Loch Marysiana

     1 days ago +11

    I looooooove this house. Maggie's taste is exquisite.

  • J Penney

    J Penney

     2 days ago +9

    who put this many squirrels in the video

  • Никита Отдельнов

    Никита Отдельнов

     2 days ago +4

    I am seeing this now, and I understand I am not alone

  • Ethan Fraser

    Ethan Fraser

     3 days ago +9

    This needs to be an actual show!

  • Blue


     3 days ago +21


  • Emma Clare

    Emma Clare

     3 days ago +6

    Why are we all getting this recommended to them now

  • Ally C

    Ally C

     3 days ago +27

    Oof. Reaaaally don't like how Ned and Ariel were pressuring Zach into getting rid of his stuff. He called them "weird", which is fine - Ariel did not have to go and call them "stupid". That was really inconsiderate and mean of her, pretty damn sure Zach was hurt as he briefly ended the convo. But well, I know they love Zach and Ariel did a lot of work for this room and Zach did keep most of his stuff, so fair enough... But that was cringe af to watch.

  • seven


     3 days ago +13

    I'm really the only one that sees Mitchell from Modern Family when I see Ned?

  • Joana Simões

    Joana Simões

     4 days ago +23

    I really don't like how Ariel doesn't have any faith on Zach skills. And it was pretty disrespectful the way she talked about his things, even though he kept some things. I have not beef with her at all, just those things made me kinda uncomfortable.

  • Zoe Is Here

    Zoe Is Here

     4 days ago +3

    I need more of these!

  • Jessica Pena

    Jessica Pena

     4 days ago +8

    Try guys try a D&D campaign

  • Tara Daniels

    Tara Daniels

     4 days ago +2

    Educated by Tara Westover is such a good book! Literally did a full design assessment at uni on it