The Conspiracy Collection Reveal | Jeffree Star x Shane Dawson

  • Published on: Tuesday, October 29, 2019
  • The Conspiracy Collection Available This Friday Nov 1st at 10amPST on

    We'll be at Mall of America on Nov 2nd to celebrate the palette!

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    Marcelo (Director and photographer)
    Lipsticknick (Makeup)
    Alana Schober (Makeup)
    Hair by Jay

    List of Items and Prices in the Collection:

    Conspiracy Palette - $52
    Mini-Controversy Palette - $28
    SHANE x JEFFREE Palette Bundle $72
    Shane x Jeffree Conspiracy Collection Bundle (All Makeup + Black Imprint Travel Bag) - $210
    The Gloss: Shane Glossin’ clear gloss - $18
    Diet Shane lip balm - $18

    Velour Liquid Lipsticks ($18):
    Are You Filming?
    Jeffree, What the Fuck?
    I Gotta Go
    Oh My God

    Shane x Jeffree Velour Liquid Lipstick Pig Bundle - $90

    Black & Pink Pig Hand Mirrors - $30

    Conspiracy Track Jogger - $45
    Conspiracy Track Jacket - $55

    Shane x Jeffree Imprint Travel Bag - $30
    Shane x Jeffree Black Double Zip Makeup Bag - $40
    Shane x Jeffree Pink Double Zip Makeup Bag - $40
    Shane Dawson Accessory Bag - $30
    Shane Dawson Pink Side Bag - $35
    Shane Dawson Black Side Bag - $35

    Music Featured:
    Catie Turner "Prom Queen"
    Listen to “Prom Queen” on Spotify
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    Ryan Caraveo "Bang"

    Ricky Montgomery - My Heart is Buried in Venice
    Ricky’s Band, The Honeysticks

    Hoodie Allen - No Interruption

    Andrew Applepie

    Time of the Season - Ben Taylor Band
    “Time of the Season”
    Written by Rod Argent
    Performed by Ben Taylor
    Courtesy of Iris Records
    Published by Verulam Music Co. Ltd.



  • kathy khan

    kathy khan

     11 minutes ago

    Um hi, Shane. Patiently waiting for the next episode.

  • Mimi Trevino

    Mimi Trevino

     15 minutes ago

    Jeffree is such a good friend ! I need someone like him 😢

  • De tv kantine Fragmenten

    De tv kantine Fragmenten

     18 minutes ago +1

    When are u going to visit greepy locations again?

  • Alina Hernandez

    Alina Hernandez

     30 minutes ago

    Today is my birthday jeffrey!! Send me the palette..or at least a pig bag..i love u both soo much!

  • Literally Nothing at all

    Literally Nothing at all

     41 minutes ago

    Awwwwwwwwwww this was wholesome

  • Lauren Philley

    Lauren Philley

     59 minutes ago

    When are the conspiracy palettes going to relaunch?

  • Rado Satur

    Rado Satur

     1 hours ago

    The ultimate Joffrey's fagson lolcow milking his mindless 12-yr-old girl stans out of their parents' money, so delightful... Squeal, little stuck piggies, squeal! You've watched a day-long ad, been brainwashed and given this POS your parents' money, so now suffer, little piggie bitches.

  • Faith VanVleet

    Faith VanVleet

     1 hours ago +1

    "To make sure everything works correctly." The LIES lol it took me a half an hour to order the palette and Jeffree, what the fuck? because everything was breaking lol

  • Lily May

    Lily May

     1 hours ago

    OH MY GOD u put my favorite Ricky Montgomery song in here

  • lilstepho2005


     2 hours ago

    Give us the drama! Movie trailers contain aaaaaalllll content in the movie. We were aaaaaalllll salivating over the idea that drama would be brought to light for the masses. Sorry but that's the main reason everyone was so hyped about the series. The palette and process of it all is cool and interesting BUT WE WERE SALIVATING OVER THE DRAMA!!!! SO SPILL THE TEA SIS!!!! SHOULD HAVE REVISED THAT TRAILER BEFORE POSTING IF YOU WEREN'T INCLUDING ALL OF IT. By the way I like you, just wanted you to know.

  • Queenie x

    Queenie x

     2 hours ago

    I wish Shane showed his moms reaction

  • Townha11 Legancy

    Townha11 Legancy

     2 hours ago

    Shane if you reading this please support this little guy his papa got cancer he is gonna lose him soon

  • Irina Muratova

    Irina Muratova

     2 hours ago

    are we witnessing a future billion dollar empire built in front of our eyes?

  • Queenie x

    Queenie x

     2 hours ago

    They should have made the lipgloss top a piggy tho

  • Hayle Barbour

    Hayle Barbour

     3 hours ago +2

    CONSPIRACY - this was a cash grab and Shane only put the drama in the trailer to get more money.... oh wait, no that's just a fact.

    Where's the old dependable, respectful of his followers Shane when you need him?

  • Katie Brazee

    Katie Brazee

     4 hours ago

    When I think of YouTube I think of them

  • Layla Gus

    Layla Gus

     4 hours ago

    Holy fuck I wasn’t expecting to cry 😢

  • Edan Cohen

    Edan Cohen

     5 hours ago +3

    Anyone else sick and tired of these 1 hour shane videos? Come on I miss the old shane. Wheres shanaynay 🤐

  • Haley Thomas

    Haley Thomas

     5 hours ago

    I LOOVVEE getting to see bts shots and showing how things are actually done. Leave it to Jeffree and shane💕💕💕

  • Haley Thomas

    Haley Thomas

     5 hours ago

    I HAVE to work with Jeffree one day. He’s my idol and he has been for SO long...this is like set in stone as my dream now. Periodt 🥴🥴♥️