I Got Kicked out of My Best Friend's Wedding

  • Published on: Monday, July 22, 2019
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    Source: https://youtu.be/8BFcueoGz78


  • Lily Phạm

    Lily Phạm

     2 days ago

    It's good that many people left Sophie's wedding. Even better, a bridesmaid left because Clint was mean to the OP. I don't think she deserves to be abused because she was most likely too blinded with infatuation that she kisses Clint's ass. This happens to a lot of people who've been abused. They've been manipulated and realize the error of their ways when things get ugly. Yes, it's frustrating that they betray their own friends and family so that they can be with their new spouse but it doesn't mean they deserve to get abused. They were manipulated.

  • Lily Phạm

    Lily Phạm

     2 days ago

    I like that Sophie's brother is supportive of her.

  • Lily Phạm

    Lily Phạm

     2 days ago

    Clint's probably jealous of OP because she and Sophie talk on the phone regularly and not to mention he's a narcissist who's trying to keep Sophie all to himself. Funny that he thinks OP is a bad person when the real bad person is obviously Clint.
    Sophie is most likely going to be abused by Clint.
    You know if someone is going to be in an abusive relationship if they're treating their friends and family like crap, backstabbing them (despite knowing them so well) or abandoning them so that they can be with their abusive partner. The abuser manipulates the victim and the victim ends up believing them because they're blind with infatuation.
    Clint is most likely trying to isolate Sophie from her childhood friend so that when he abuses her, Sophie will have no one to turn to. Soon Sophie's going to be crying back to her best friend and apologizing.

  • Stoneyburke


     3 days ago

    I would never spend money or take off work to visit a friend....especially a plane trip.......Sorry it`s her problem now,if she wants to be like that........At that wedding thing ,Yeah ,never would have wasted my time with that either.........Sophie is a lost cause.

  • pighater1 1

    pighater1 1

     3 days ago

    Just get a taser
    Scratch that 200 tasers

  • Vraska


     6 days ago

    wait a second... you took 30 of your family members across the country to your best friend's wedding? is that normal?

  • Ava Gregorio-hansen

    Ava Gregorio-hansen

     6 days ago

    maan f*ck sophie + clint

  • Bogdan Anastasiei

    Bogdan Anastasiei

     1 weeks ago

    Sophie will regret marrying Clint.

  • Angela Mejia

    Angela Mejia

     1 weeks ago

    My sister is like Sophie. We barely speak now because of her husband...

  • Jorgen Platner

    Jorgen Platner

     1 weeks ago

    Sounds as if C(l)unt needs a good talking to and the best friend isn't much of a friend.

  • The ndingo show

    The ndingo show

     1 weeks ago +1

    Wow Clint is a real A~hole😢

  • Alexandra Helmel

    Alexandra Helmel

     1 weeks ago

    you should make a new friend and forget about that old friend of yours. sophie made the choice to stay with that creep heartless clint. if sophie wants to ruin her life with the wrong guy is her problem. so forget about sophie if she wants to be clint's dog is sophie's problem. and who cares what clint wants he's being a control freak. and friends don't do that to each other real friends are supposed to understand each other and not let some idiot guy hurt them and judge them too soon. and I think sophie and clint are the real drama queens not you.

  • Kayla Thom

    Kayla Thom

     1 weeks ago +1

    I hope that Sophie girl is in absolute misery because of her decision.

  • Brandon Pea

    Brandon Pea

     1 weeks ago +1

    No follow up? I'm disappointed.

  • Emma Carter

    Emma Carter

     2 weeks ago

    I know you might be mad at your friend but please do not abandon her. Doing this will only further isolate her with her narcissistic abuser and make it harder for her to navigate her way out of this someday.

  • Holika_ playz

    Holika_ playz

     2 weeks ago

    Wow fake friend this is why I hate having fake friends !

  • Alexa jai

    Alexa jai

     2 weeks ago

    Omg I’m literally about to punch that guy

  • Gaveriel Sean Salantes

    Gaveriel Sean Salantes

     2 weeks ago

    This guy should mind his own freaking bussiness

  • Mr Yolo

    Mr Yolo

     2 weeks ago

    that boi clint can go to hell

  • Yo Soy La Reina Kay

    Yo Soy La Reina Kay

     2 weeks ago +1

    She shouldn't have married Clent in the first place