A Caterer I Hired Broke Into My House At Night!

  • Published on: Tuesday, May 7, 2019
  • Be careful of who you hire to a dinner party
    Story By FranticSledder

    Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/LetsNotMeet/comments/b2v2r7/caterer_goes_ballistic_when_he_realizes_im/
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    Source: https://youtu.be/2WrQ4VJuaHM


  • Ricky Perkins

    Ricky Perkins

     2 days ago

    You stole this story too

  • LetsGoChocobo Letsgo

    LetsGoChocobo Letsgo

     1 weeks ago

    We’re any of these scary true stories on the news at all?

  • Vincent Dong

    Vincent Dong

     1 weeks ago

    When your brothers pull up to deal with your boyfriend that cheated on you

  • Jessica Martinez

    Jessica Martinez

     1 weeks ago

    That was so crazy video

  • It's Gadfly

    It's Gadfly

     1 weeks ago

    These creeps have tried to enter my house. I told them if you attempt to enter my house. You will get blasted in the face with my 9.

  • Lena Ali

    Lena Ali

     1 weeks ago

    The caterer probably said thos things because they wanted them to fight but her fiancee didn't even doubt it

  • ophelia


     2 weeks ago

    olivia is such a pretty name

  • Gacha Girl

    Gacha Girl

     3 weeks ago

    Olivia: breaths

    Caterer :I LOVE YOU SO MUCH

    gacha be like no hate i love gacha btw

  • DJ Bahwawsi

    DJ Bahwawsi

     4 weeks ago

    He once broke into my 🏠 once I kicked him in the face

    He's face was bleeding

  • Destiny vlogs destiny

    Destiny vlogs destiny

     4 weeks ago

    She isnt a oreo man he fell in love with her in 2 . 5 seconds


  • team death Flame

    team death Flame

     1 months ago +1

    That true love he's always by her side matter what🔪

  • DJ Bahwawsi

    DJ Bahwawsi

     1 months ago

    I hope they ordered pizza from Vito's pizzeria

  • DJ Bahwawsi

    DJ Bahwawsi

     1 months ago

    He once broke into my house I kicked him in the face his face was bleeding

  • DJ Bahwawsi

    DJ Bahwawsi

     1 months ago

    I hope he died in 2019

  • lelouchzero7


     1 months ago +1

    Olivia: ...
    Caterer: we're IN LOVE!!!

  • Thanh Nguyen

    Thanh Nguyen

     1 months ago

    Olivia'fiance: get the heck out of my room I'm playing mincraft

    Caterer:I'm going to kill your fiancé.

    Me:since when is assaulting a good thing

  • LBoyXD


     1 months ago

    Yea ima test my luck and hire Gordon Ramsay

  • Candice Perry

    Candice Perry

     1 months ago

    The caterer shouldn't break into anybodys house

  • Nancy Iniguez

    Nancy Iniguez

     1 months ago

    The narrator’s voice is fluffing hilarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Julio Maldonado

    Julio Maldonado

     1 months ago

    If the gun is in the safe, and a crazy man is standing right in front of you. Its basically too late at that point to go for the gun.