American Visits British Hospital for the First Time

  • Published on: Sunday, December 1, 2019
  • Here's the whole story of when I got diagnosed with appendicitis this earlier this week. Big shoutout to everyone that sent such lovely messages of support to me through this whole ordeal, and also to dodie for taking me to the hospital and staying my my (smelly) side. The NHS and British hospitals in general I'm super appreciative of especially because as an American, I probably would've opted to stay home to save the crazy amount of money it would've cost if I still lived in the United States.

    Big thanks to dodie:

    Thank you so much for watching! Hope you enjoyed it!

    If you're new to my channel and videos, hi! I'm Evan Edinger, and I make weekly "comedy" videos every Sunday evening. As an American living in London I love noticing the funny differences between the cultures and one of my most popular video series is my British VS American one. I'm also known for making terrible puns so sorry in advance. Hope to see you around, and I'll see you next Sunday! :)

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  • khaxjc1


     5 hours ago

    I've been on the Evan side of things as the patient with mystery pain waiting and the Doddie side of being with the patient. Neither is fun. At least you werent in the US having to agonize about the bill along with the pain. Sadly you do still have the American thing of needing to be TOLD to go to the hospital. Like, only once have I known someone to go without it first coming from someone else.

  • khaxjc1


     5 hours ago

    I've been on the Evan side of things as the patient with mystery pain waiting and the Doddie side of being with the patient. Neither is fun. At least you werent in the US having to agonize about the bill along with the pain. Sadly you do still have the American thing of needing to be TOLD to go to the hospital.

  • Michel Bertrand

    Michel Bertrand

     7 hours ago

    I'm living in Montreal (Canada) and, 6 years ago, I've needed a kidney transplant (Im not having any special insurance, so…) , I've spent 17 days in a very private room, had the medication I've needed (lots cost big money), had all the medical exams and cares and, of course, I had the transplant. What about it cost me? Tadam… 0$. I just can't imagine how all this could cost in the US!

  • Vanys Vlog

    Vanys Vlog

     8 hours ago

    Your bday is 29 july? 😂Mine too. I just had to Do a double take with the date

  • Rose Ferris-Grice

    Rose Ferris-Grice

     8 hours ago

    I had the exact same a couple years ago I went to a+e twice in one week with the same pain had to wait 7 hours in extreme pain but as soon as the doctor came the pain went they never found out what the problem was

  • Megan Sharpe

    Megan Sharpe

     9 hours ago +1

    I had an appendicitis and pneumonia at the same time. But they couldn’t take my appendics out before they treated pneumonia. So I staying in the hospital for about 1-2 weeks. I’m British and I was only 11. I was so great for the NHS!! Xx

  • Phil


     12 hours ago

    The NHS doesn't need more money. It needs fewer people abusing it. It annoys me when you see people who've stubbed their toe going to A&E then whinging and whining when they have to wait. E stands for emergency, a fraction of the cases that appear in A&E waiting rooms could be classed as such.

  • KCMC92


     1 days ago

    It's great that he didn't have to pay money but they did next to nothing for him.........0

  • Manga Boy

    Manga Boy

     1 days ago


    the nhs love their 'ooohhhhh the other hospital had to y'no just shut down spontaneously at this really inconvenient time' excuse

  • rijamor


     1 days ago

    Why is YouTube full of self-serving, irritants like this?

  • Melissa Kowalewslki

    Melissa Kowalewslki

     1 days ago

    Ur time in emerg and short stay would have been a $20,000 bill in the US and the wait would have been just as long. Private insurance doesn't help the long waits.

  • June Blackburn

    June Blackburn

     1 days ago

    The NHS is the National Health Service not the World Health Service ... if you travel to the UK and don't have residency or citizenship, then you should have insurance, like we in the UK should (I do) when I travel overseas (including going to Europe) it's a great institution of British health Services abused by foreigners who only have a right to emergency treatment not ongoing care.

  • sonofcy


     1 days ago

    Glad you were okay. The man who created the NHS - Aneurin Bevan - had to fight against the Tory Party, Doctors and even his own party to create it. He made a lot of enemies. For myself, I would not have survived my birth 61 years ago had he not risked his own career to create it in its nationalised form, nor my mother. That would have erased 8 people from existence. If Johnson gets rid of it, if history tells us anything, he will live to regret it, as will the Tory party.

  • DJ London

    DJ London

     1 days ago

    Well I'm glad you're OK now. Your experience of the NHS is like mine so far.
    ME: I'm dying
    NHS: No you're not, I'm coming back in 6hrs.
    NHS: Are you dead?
    ME: No.

  • smidsyonfire


     2 days ago

    My gf is US citizen and she has some health issues. Unless she gets a high paid job, she will always be in debt over medical bills even with insurance. It's an uphill struggle for her but she's working part time and studying to get her Batchelors degree to increase her earnings potential.
    Here in the UK, some people don't understand how good they have it. The NHS do some incredible work and they have so many dedicated people. Amazing workers that really don't deserve the crap some nasty people throw at them.

  • Mk3


     2 days ago

    Yeah, the whole healthcare system here in the States is messed up, extremely expensive and sometimes it doesn’t work. There are great doctors yes, but it’s too freaking expensive, when you started to talk about ambulance I was like: oh no, a ride in a ambulance here in the States would cost a kidney (yes, to sell it and get the money).
    Anyways, it is ridiculous.
    And lots of European countries have great healthcare system top of the line and “free”.
    Ahhhhh how I love Europe! 😻
    Hope you’re doing better.
    (First vídeo that I watched from your channel).
    Be safe.

  • Manic Hamartia

    Manic Hamartia

     2 days ago

    Plus don't forget the good old-fashioned American tradition of going in getting full treatment and giving a fake name. I once got full treatment and medication bottles that said Steven Blackadder

  • Manic Hamartia

    Manic Hamartia

     2 days ago

    If you have no health care and you go to the hospital while you're waiting somebody will come up and ask you if you have health insurance if not will give you health insurance for free if you qualify. If you don't have a real job or Assets in your name it's covered

  • Manic Hamartia

    Manic Hamartia

     2 days ago

    It sounds like he's putting lipstick on a pig. We do have Universal Health Care in the United States. Some people make 80 grand a year and don't qualify for it and also choose not to buy health insurance.

  • OrlághOwl RG23

    OrlághOwl RG23

     2 days ago

    The NHS is great...but some nurses are just annoying.
    One gave me some painkillers and I was literally high for about 15 minutes before I had an allergic reaction. She had not told me what she was giving me and had not asked what I was allergic to and did not check my medical records to find out I was highly allergic to codeine.
    Another didn’t let me eat for 48 hours, which I kinda get, (I had a broken elbow) bc i may need an operation which in the end didn’t happen because I never actually needed one.
    Then, when my dad was showing symptoms of a hart attack in front of a doctor, the doctor told him he was fine...then two nurses told him my dad was not and the doctor persisted he was dad then had a heart attack.
    The NHS is a great system, and yes the nurses/doctors are under strain, but some of them just annoy me.