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Sneak Peek Of My NEW SONG!
Views 87,8092 weeks ago
first time alone for christmas
Views 157,4811 months ago
i was a girl in my past life?!
Views 167,3341 months ago
i’m having a baby!
Views 305,3611 months ago
Mom Caught Us Holding Hands!
Views 220,1344 months ago
Mom ROASTS My New House?!
Views 226,4784 months ago
i tried to break up with her...
Views 330,4174 months ago
Destroying My NEW HOUSE!
Views 179,7224 months ago
AVENGING My Bestfriend
Views 159,5994 months ago
deleting all my old videos...
Views 250,7904 months ago
biggest regret in my life...
Views 541,3845 months ago
I Don’t Like Girls Anymore
Views 519,6336 months ago
do not ask me about my ex
Views 926,9336 months ago
dear future girlfriend...
Views 561,9956 months ago
WE GOT NEW HAIR! *never again*
Views 291,7317 months ago
Please Don’t Push Me!!
Views 624,1818 months ago
our first kiss
Views 1,564,3928 months ago
They Won’t Let Me Kiss Her!
Views 405,4618 months ago
i really like this girl
Views 878,3948 months ago
Our First DOUBLE Date!
Views 521,9828 months ago
Views 740,46210 months ago
Views 190,56710 months ago
Transforming Into Bretman Rock!
Views 1,951,38510 months ago
You're So Immature! *BOYS VS GIRLS*
Views 7,628,79911 months ago
She did a handstand ON MY FACE!
Views 427,25911 months ago