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julien solomita
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Video HOT

trying to deep fry ice cream
Views 1,366,1461 weeks ago
i made a lentil loaf for jenna
Views 1,075,5434 weeks ago
i tried making cheez-its
Views 828,4751 months ago
next stop pies!
Views 1,033,8632 months ago
i competed in jiu jitsu
Views 485,1803 months ago
i tried making a bloomin' onion
Views 1,365,4393 months ago
i made a better chicken sandwich
Views 1,262,1964 months ago
making sushi is really easy
Views 1,706,3667 months ago
kermit's 9th birthday
Views 1,821,2447 months ago
peach's 5th birthday
Views 1,436,9007 months ago
bunny's first birthday party
Views 2,674,3428 months ago
making tofu that doesn't suck
Views 1,812,7859 months ago
trying to make diy lays chips
Views 2,255,4579 months ago
making a giant aries cookie
Views 2,134,48710 months ago
aries season (official trailer)
Views 726,54410 months ago
i got a tattoo at a tattoo expo
Views 354,18912 months ago
i got an italian greyhound tattoo
Views 545,91512 months ago
my new animal friends
Views 283,9731 years ago
j&j's kitchen for a rainy day
Views 1,133,0041 years ago
home improvement
Views 515,8671 years ago
crying for no reason
Views 607,4251 years ago
my tribute to buttercup
Views 310,1431 years ago
kermit got bit by a spider
Views 3,050,8731 years ago
stress day
Views 244,9911 years ago
back in the tattoo chair
Views 230,3451 years ago
julien's kitchen - pad thai
Views 441,4561 years ago
a struggle at dinner
Views 276,0051 years ago
what kind of dog is this (cat)
Views 349,0571 years ago
an excited boy
Views 492,2441 years ago
an aries in the kitchen
Views 585,6481 years ago
kermit stepped in oil paint
Views 2,023,0741 years ago
the story behind my tattoo
Views 362,9211 years ago
peach and a pelican
Views 363,2931 years ago
coming up for air
Views 287,0691 years ago
i got a new car
Views 461,7171 years ago
kermit fell into the pool
Views 2,303,0121 years ago
something fun i'm doing
Views 280,7961 years ago
family dinner
Views 722,3581 years ago
dog massage
Views 462,7101 years ago
the second part
Views 714,4152 years ago
kermit got stung by a bee
Views 2,212,7322 years ago
too thicc
Views 424,5052 years ago
scratching lottery tickets
Views 498,4152 years ago
taking care of our cermets
Views 949,2372 years ago
kermit’s 8th birthday
Views 1,394,4382 years ago
peachy's 4th birthday
Views 1,394,3372 years ago
mr. marbles 10th birthday
Views 2,621,2392 years ago
a new chapter
Views 454,1902 years ago
we bought a house and moved
Views 559,7192 years ago
insecure dog
Views 332,6882 years ago
looking at memes with my dad
Views 413,0632 years ago
the most ratchet salon
Views 562,0132 years ago
making our (vegan) hot ones
Views 353,8522 years ago
an aries birthday
Views 420,0902 years ago
hey sisters
Views 513,5922 years ago
we got tattoos
Views 734,8642 years ago
a tribute to our hamster
Views 1,380,0162 years ago