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When Hobbits Were Real
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When Antarctica Was Green
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How Pterosaurs Got Their Wings
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When Bats Took Flight
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The Missing Link That Wasn’t
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Was This Dinosaur a Cannibal?
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When Giant Deer Roamed Eurasia
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When We Met Other Human Species
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When the Synapsids Struck Back
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When We Took Over the World
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The Croc That Ran on Hooves
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When We Tamed Fire
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When We First Made Tools
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The Humans That Lived Before Us
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How Blood Evolved (Many Times)
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When Humans Were Prey
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When Apes Conquered Europe
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When Camels Roamed North America
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When Birds Stopped Flying
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When Giant Amphibians Reigned
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Can We Get DNA From Fossils?
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Did Raptorex Really Exist?
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When We First Walked
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When Birds Had Teeth
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When Fish Wore Armor
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When Insects First Flew
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FAQs From Our First Year
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How the T-Rex Lost Its Arms
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When Fish First Breathed Air
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Where Did Viruses Come From?
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How the Squid Lost Its Shell
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Inside the Dinosaur Library
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How the Turtle Got Its Shell
Views 1,371,4452 years ago
How Sex Became a Thing
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The Great Snake Debate
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Untangling the Devil's Corkscrew
Views 1,271,0502 years ago
The Time Terror Birds Invaded
Views 1,204,9142 years ago
Eons Livestream Q&A
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When Giant Fungi Ruled
Views 1,312,8052 years ago
The Last Time the Globe Warmed
Views 3,952,9302 years ago
A Brief History of Geologic Time
Views 1,157,0772 years ago
When Whales Walked
Views 1,585,0372 years ago
When The Earth Was Purple
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How Did Dinosaurs Get So Huge?
Views 1,706,9392 years ago
History's Most Powerful Plants
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The Age of Giant Insects
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